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The project explores how charts related to climate change and COVID-19 are created and understood by researchers and public audiences using perspectives and methods from Computer Science and Science & Technology Studies.

More and more decision making in society and politics is supported by intelligent and complex models (ICM). This project explores ways to better engage the electorate in this process by developing interpretable and explainable ICMs and informing the public about how these systems are used.


Connecting the Dots...

On September 21st we hosted our first Talking Charts Team Workshop.
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Welcome Regina Schuster!

We are excited that Regina Schuster has joined our team as a PhD candidate!

Talking Charts @ Data Stories

On May 23rd Laura Koesten and Kathleen Gregory will be giving a talk on "Talking Charts: How are everyday visualisations produced and understood?"
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Come work with us!

We are hiring for six exciting new PhD positions at the University of Vienna, Austria.
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Coming soon!

Our projects will be starting on the 1st of November 2021.
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Welcome Kathleen Gregory!

We are happy that Kathleen Gregory has joined our team at the University of Vienna!